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“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi
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CareRight Urgent – Care Model

CareRight HealthCare International intends to use the retail lessons of MacDonald’s in the United States to turn the African healthcare industry upside down. And in our quest to make M.D’s wielding stethoscopes as accessible as baristas at Starbucks, we just might rescue the continent from its looming healthcare catastrophe.

  • The key is that urgent care clinics are an appealing medical model wrapped up in a proven consumer-driven economic model. Put simply, urgent care is the first retail health play.
  • Our urgent care model will depend on Location, Customer Service, and the CareRight brand, just like a restaurant or grocer. Because nobody plans to be sick, our clinics will not be squared away in an office park or medical building. They will be placed in highly visible, highly trafficked locations throughout the country, minutes from patients’ work and home, off a busy highway, or next to a grocery store.
  • No appointments necessary-stop by 12 hours, including weekends. Walk in with the flu, with a broken bone or sprain, with a cut that needs stitches, see our doctor on average within 20 minutes, get an x-ray or prescription, and get back to your life-all at perhaps 20% of the cost of an ER (Emergency Room) visit.

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